E-waste Recycling Systems



  1. Magnetic Seperator

    Magnetic Seperator

    Specially developed for seperating magnetic material from your copper-lead-magnetic-precious metal mix

  2. Cupellation System

    Cupellation System

    After the physical preparation, non-ferrous metals fed into the Cupellation Furnace. The metals as Lead and Tin dissolves into the furnace and remaining metals casted as anodes. Also we can recover Lead and Tin after this process.

Copper Recycling Systems

  1. Copper Electrolysis System

    Copper Electrolysis System

    Recovers Cathodic, Solid Copper from casted anodes.

Refining & Recycling Machines

  1. E-Waste Recycling Machine

    E-Waste Recycling Machine

    With different capacities, Ecological, environment friendly, Turnkey installation, user-friendly, Recycles gold, silver, platinum, palladium from chrushed and seperated e-waste

Subsidiary Equipments

Waste Waster Neutralisation Systems

  1. Waste Water Neutralisation Unit

    Waste Water Neutralisation Unit

    Capacity: Variable according to requirement Energy Consumption: 2×2 kW engine for two mixers Material: Anticorrosive PP(Polypropylene) Warranty: One year

Melting Furnaces

  1. 2200° Dual Laser InfraRed Thermometer

    2200° Dual Laser InfraRed Thermometer

    Sensitive temperature measurement up to 2200°C, Portable Design, Punctual temperature measurement by double laser

  2. F5 Induction Furnace

    F5 Induction Furnace

    Melts 5 kg 995 gold bullion in approximately 15 minutes.

  3. F9 Induction Furnace

    F9 Induction Furnace

    Melts 9 kg 995 gold bullion in approximately 20 minutes

  4. PL1 Induction Unit

    PL1 Induction Unit

    It designed for melting gold bullions , melts 1 kg 995 gold bullion in approximately 2 minutes.

Other Machines

  1. Hammer Grinder

    Hammer Grinder

    Specially designed to grind computer patrs and all kinds of electronic waste. It decreases the volume of Breaks a regular harddisk into pieces smaller than 19mm. By grinding the pieces a second time, you may have even smaller pieces.

  2. Cyclone Separator

    Cyclone Separator

    Specially developed for the recovery of broken electronic waste. Separates your e-waste according to their specific gravity, and prepares your material for recycling. You can take out plastic, magnetic material, aluminium and copper-lead-precious metals, in this order, from your material.